The Walnut Farm Community

  • Children have the opportunity to enter our community shortly after they begin to take their first steps. From the moment a toddler crosses the threshold of our toddler community they become a part of the beautiful whole.

    Our Walnut Farm Community provides a Montessori prepared environment in which children with mixed ages learn from each other, as well as together. Many children begin in the Primary Montessori classroom at age three and continue in the same class, and core group of friends, until after their sixth birthday. Each morning all ages mix freely in the classroom. The younger children absorb much of the value from the activities of the older children around them. Each older child, in turn, gains the experience of self-confidence and responsibility that comes with the role of leadership. A bond between the children develops naturally in this setting. This bond creates a mutual caring and respect. Around the fifth birthday, the child becomes ready to extend her day into the afternoon, engaging in more advanced activities within a smaller group of peers and strengthening friendship bonds that become so important at this age.

    The skills, abilities and attitudes that a six-year old develops in a primary program will be to his advantage in whatever educational setting he finds himself. Inevitably, some parents are so impressed with what their child has already gained through his Montessori experience, that they want him to continue in our school through his elementary years. For these families, we offer the Montessori Elementary, continuing education for life in a program that involves his newly awakened social sense, reason, and powerful imagination.

    Faculty, children and parents form a strong bond and make Walnut Farm an amazing community in which to be a part!

Additional Information About the Community

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